Mean time 

I just said to Delaney, “We can just do this in the meantime today.” 

She responded, “We’re going to have mean time today? Why?”


Delaney just said, “Mommmmmmyyy, every time I go to use the bathroom, Kaden comes in here to see what in doing. I never get to use the bathroom by myself any more!” I’m a mom, I have no idea how that must feel…yeah right. 

Good try

"Mommy, will you play with me?" "Sure, Delaney. Do you want some mom time?" "No, because if you also play, then you'll have to help pick everything up. And I don't want to have to clean this up by myself." … [Continue reading]

Thoughtful child

Delaney was drinking some milk tonight before bed and said, "Mommy, milk comes from cows. Isn't that sweet of them to share their milk with us?" Only Delaney would see the situation this way - as everyone being sweet to and sharing with each … [Continue reading]

What makes us special

D: "Mommy, will you paint our nails tonight? Are you going to paint yours, too?" Me: "Yes, but I'll need to paint yours first." D: "Of course, because I'm special." Me: "You are special, but I'm special too, you know!" D: "Only I'm … [Continue reading]

Our PR/salesman child

"Mama, since I had hot chocolate for a snack this afternoon, I probably shouldn't have any more chocolate today. Because too much chocolate can make my tummy hurt, right? And I doooooon't want a tummy ache, so I won't have any more chocolate today, … [Continue reading]

The Countdown

This is the first year Delaney has really understood - and looked forward to - Christmas. So she asks about it multiple times each day. "Mommy, when is Christmas? ... So, let's talk about Christmas. ... Mommy, tell me again when Christmas … [Continue reading]


"If I can't have any of the green beans [Kaden's green bean purée, which I know she won't like], then Christmas will just be ruined forever!" said my overly tired and dramatic daughter who clearly stayed up too late last night. I now understand the … [Continue reading]

Happy Thanksgiving from the Andrews!

family pic - edited

[Continue reading]

My little tattoo

In the middle of lunch today, Delaney just froze in mid bite. I asked what was wrong, and she kept staring straight ahead. I started to get concerned, because it was so sudden and I wasn't even able to communicate with her. Then she cracked up and … [Continue reading]