Girls night out

Not that we ever regret moving to Asheville or even doubt for a second that we made the right decision – not even when both cars kept breaking down, Delaney’s daycare closed, Matt and I were both sick, and we had no family nearby to lend a hand.

However, if we ever did spend even a split second second guessing ourselves, tonight provided one of those reassuring moments that let you know you’re on the right path in life.

After what was an insane week for all three of us – Matt’s sick and exhausted after ramping up a new job, I’m fried from preparing for the first day of school next week, and Delaney still isn’t adjusting to her new daycare – we were all so glad to see Friday afternoon come. However, Matt was ready to hit the bed, and I was ready to get out and celebrate.

So we did something we’ve rarely ever done during our marriage: go our own ways for the evening. He went straight to bed to get some much-needed rest. And I took Delaney out on the town. There was a bluegrass festival on the river tonight, and one of my favorite bluegrass bands, Town Mountain, was performing. I didn’t want to miss seeing them, I wanted to take advantage of an evening without rain (finally!), and I really needed to have some fun after a very stressful week at work.

I thought I might be crazy venturing out solo with a toddler to a music festival, but I figured it was at least worth a try. And I’m so glad I did!

We immediately ran into a good friend from work, and we hung out with her and her family for quite some time. After an hour or so, they headed to the stage to watch the opening band while Delaney and I stayed back for a bit. The sun was setting over the river, and the sky became a fiery pink hue that reflected on the water. It was just too beautiful to leave the scene. So Delaney and I had our own little dance party – just the two of us.

When Town Mountain took the stage, Delaney and I headed up to the stage to check them out. We immediately ran into one of our favorite families from the neighborhood. Delaney started squealing when she saw her beloved Ava. So they ran up to the stage and started dancing together. As usual, Delaney immediately became Ava’s shadow. When Ava spun around, Delaney spun around. When Ava started jumping up and down, Delaney started jumping up and down. When Ava pulled up her dress and flashed the band, Delaney pulled up her dress and flashed the band (and Ava’s mom and I were oh so thrilled with that move).

It was after 9:00 when the band started wrapping up, so we headed out. I knew I was on borrowed time keeping a sleepy toddler out so late!

But as we were walking back to the car, I grinned to myself thinking about what a great night we had (although I wish Matt could’ve come!) and how happy we are to be living in Asheville. Just a little over one year ago, we moved here without knowing anyone or having any friends. And here we are now – I was able to take our sweet little girl out to a music festival, and we were constantly surrounded by friends, good music, and love. It’s good to be home.


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