Info sharing: articles of interest

I thought that these posts would be an easy way to document links that I wanted to hang onto for future reference – and you might find something you’re interested in, as well!

  • How cooking can change your life – Such a smart video. We still eat the same things we used to – pizza, pasta, cookies, casseroles, etc. But the transition to making them at home has made all the difference.
  • How freelancers are redefining success to be about value not wealth – “Independent workers are establishing a new way to work–and in the process, they’re cultivating a new way of life. Success in 2014 is less about wealth than it is about value–the value of time, community, and well-being.” And that, my friends, is why I love freelancing. Balance is good – and so vital.
  • How to raise a grounded, creative child – This article is written by the professor emerita of early childhood education at Lesley University in Massachusetts who also happens to be Matt Damon’s mom. “One dimension of healthy childhood that gives kids a solid footing in life is having lots of child-centered play throughout the early years and even into grade school. Play is the most important vehicle children have for coping with life and making sense of it.” This article really spoke to me as Matt and I continue to discuss schooling options and our concern that screen time and standardized tests take away time from child-centered play – which is so, so important!
  • Give childhood back to the children: if we want our offspring to have happy, productive and moral lives, we must allow more time for play, not less – Please, please, please read this one. “All young children are creative. In their play and self-directed exploration they create their own mental models of the world around them and also models of imaginary worlds. Adults whom we call geniuses are those who somehow retain and build upon that childlike capacity throughout their lives.” (I had to stop myself from quoting the entire article here, because it’s just that good.) My mother, a third grade teacher, has regularly assigned weekend homework to her students that consists only of the direction to get out side, play, and use their imaginations. That’s the best part of being a parent – being able to rediscover my love for play and exploration.

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