Our attentive little singer

I was just singing a Ray Charles song to Kaden while feeding him, primarily as a way to get him to smile big so I could shove the food in. I was belting out the lyrics in a loud and silly way.

Delaney looked at me in a very disappointed manner and then corrected me on the lyrics… to a song that I didn’t even realized she’d ever heard before.

That child misses nothing, especially when it comes to music.

Speaking of – a Carole King song came on Pandora the other day. I stopped to listen to it because I immediately recognized her voice but was surprised that it was a song that I didn’t know. Then Delaney started singing the words to the chorus. I asked her if she knew the song (not sure how she has any access to music outside of what we play her??), and she nonchalantly replied, “I don’t know. I probably just heard it at a restaurant.”

Sure, because all three year olds remember all the words to unknown songs that are played in the background at a restaurant.

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