Morning party



“Mom, why is your hair wet sometimes when we have morning parties?”

Well, that’s because I go for tough runs some mornings, and I make sure that they end by 6:50 so I can be home before you wake up. Once I get back home, I rush upstairs to get back in bed (typically still in my running clothes with sweaty hair) before you start coming to. Then within minutes, I hear you running across the hall to come get in bed with me for our famous morning parties. Which are just awesome. And totally worth rushing home for. We giggle and say silly things and sing our morning song and “talk about our day.” (For a kid who’s always up for anything, you sure like to know what the day’s anythings might be by 7:30am!) And you have no idea that at this point I’ve already been up for hours.

There is no wrong side of the bed on which to get up when mornings start like this.

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