Snowy morning


This serene scene looks majestic – Delaney quietly enjoying a breakfast overlooking the fresh snow that sparkles under the rising sun.

However, the still photo fails to communicate the total meltdown that preceded this serene scene. Ninety-nine percent of the time, Delaney is a complete angel. Wise beyond her years, introspective, and more in control of and responsible for her emotions than many adults I know. I often treat her as an equal because most of the time it feels as if I’m hanging out with a peer (although maybe that says more about my maturity level than hers??).

But every now and then, she reminds us that she is just a toddler. She is just 3 1/2 years old, after all.

And this morning was one of those times. She got about an hour less of sleep than usual, so it’s understandable that she was tired and grumpy as we were trying to rush her off to school. She gave us a glimpse this morning of what is likely to come during her pre-teen years as she was hysterically crying and shouting, “I’m just going to be sad forever… I’m never going to eat breakfast again… I’m just going to cry forever… I can’t do anything… I just want to be alone forever…”

And, as her mother, I think I went through about 100 emotions during this 15-minute meltdown. From confusion about what was going on (it was a far cry from our regular “morning parties”), to anger over having communicate with such nonsense, to laughter at the high drama that was happening before 7:30am, to panic of what the next 12 hours might bring (as she usually doesn’t nap well at school, so there’s a good chance she’ll come home even more tired and grumpy).

Or maybe this was all her way of reminding us just how good we normally have it with such a polite, caring, mature toddler!

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