Mean time 

I just said to Delaney, “We can just do this in the meantime today.” 

She responded, “We’re going to have mean time today? Why?”


Delaney just said, “Mommmmmmyyy, every time I go to use the bathroom, Kaden comes in here to see what in doing. I never get to use the bathroom by myself any more!” I’m a mom, I have no idea how that must feel…yeah right. 

Good try

“Mommy, will you play with me?”

“Sure, Delaney. Do you want some mom time?”

“No, because if you also play, then you’ll have to help pick everything up. And I don’t want to have to clean this up by myself.”

Thoughtful child

Delaney was drinking some milk tonight before bed and said, “Mommy, milk comes from cows. Isn’t that sweet of them to share their milk with us?”

Only Delaney would see the situation this way – as everyone being sweet to and sharing with each other!

What makes us special

D: “Mommy, will you paint our nails tonight? Are you going to paint yours, too?”

Me: “Yes, but I’ll need to paint yours first.”

D: “Of course, because I’m special.”

Me: “You are special, but I’m special too, you know!”

D: “Only I’m special because I get powdered sugar.”

Me: “What does powdered sugar have to do with being special?”

D: “Well, Grams lets me put powdered sugar on my french toast, and she tells me that I’m special when I eat it. But she doesn’t put powdered sugar on her french toast. And neither do you, Mommy. So only I’m special.”

Well, I didn’t see that connection…

Our PR/salesman child

“Mama, since I had hot chocolate for a snack this afternoon, I probably shouldn’t have any more chocolate today. Because too much chocolate can make my tummy hurt, right? And I doooooon’t want a tummy ache, so I won’t have any more chocolate today, Mama. That’s a smart decision, right, Mama? I should probably just have the sugar cookies tonight, instead.”

She’s good. Made it look like she was making a responsible decision, got me on her side, and then slyly snuck in the actual reason for this entire conversation – she wanted sugar cookies. Sure was a better approach than just asking, “Mama, can I have some sugar cookies?”

The Countdown

This is the first year Delaney has really understood – and looked forward to – Christmas. So she asks about it multiple times each day. “Mommy, when is Christmas? … So, let’s talk about Christmas. … Mommy, tell me again when Christmas is…”

And she regularly tries to negotiate EVERYTHING these days. So when I tell her that it’s 25 or 20 or however many days away it is each day, she’ll respond with, “How about 5 more days?” Christmas isn’t negotiable, my dear.

This is also the first year that we’re getting to use the power of Santa and hold it over her head to remind her to behave. She’s been particularly sassy this morning, so I told her that she had to be good if she wanted Santa to come on Christmas.

She asked me how he would know, and I told her that he will call me the day before Christmas to ask if she’s been listening, been respectful, picked up after herself, etc. She got very specific with her questions – when exactly would he call, what exactly would he ask about, etc. Basically, what all is on the line here if I’m not good?

I told her that he would call me on Christmas Eve to ask, and I would have to tell him the truth. I told her that I was worried that I’d have to tell him that she was being sassy and not listening and not making good choices. I said that I was worried her poor choices were going to mean that he wouldn’t come to visit.

So she said, “Okay, Mommy. Since Christmas is 18 days away, I will be really good on the 18th day, okay?” While she was pointing at the last ring in our daily Christmas countdown, she said, “So you don’t need to worry about it. I promise I will be so good on the 18th day so you can tell Santa to bring me a present.”


“If I can’t have any of the green beans [Kaden’s green bean purée, which I know she won’t like], then Christmas will just be ruined forever!” said my overly tired and dramatic daughter who clearly stayed up too late last night.

I now understand the term “threenager.”

Happy Thanksgiving from the Andrews!

family pic - edited

My little tattoo

In the middle of lunch today, Delaney just froze in mid bite. I asked what was wrong, and she kept staring straight ahead. I started to get concerned, because it was so sudden and I wasn’t even able to communicate with her.

Then she cracked up and said, “Look mom, I’m a tattoo!”

I asked her what she was doing, and she kept telling me that she was being a tattoo.

I couldn’t figure it out, so we just kept on eating our lunch.

It’s now three hours after that moment, and I just realized what she was doing. She meant to say that she was a STATUE, not a TATTOO!