Sibling love

I love that she loves him so much. I just don’t always love how much she loves him sometimes!

They love to cuddle and make each other laugh, but then Delaney usually takes it a step too far and becomes overwhelming, and he shoots me a look as if to say, “Stay nearby, Mom, I may need you to rescue me from her embrace in a second, okay?”

His panicked face when she gets too close cracks me up. Here are a some pics from the last few weeks.









Age is just a number

We were just talking about how old everyone is, and Matt told Delaney that Great Daddy is 87 years old.

“Whaaaaatttt??” she asked shockingly. “I thought he was 12!”

Snowy morning


This serene scene looks majestic – Delaney quietly enjoying a breakfast overlooking the fresh snow that sparkles under the rising sun.

However, the still photo fails to communicate the total meltdown that preceded this serene scene. Ninety-nine percent of the time, Delaney is a complete angel. Wise beyond her years, introspective, and more in control of and responsible for her emotions than many adults I know. I often treat her as an equal because most of the time it feels as if I’m hanging out with a peer (although maybe that says more about my maturity level than hers??).

But every now and then, she reminds us that she is just a toddler. She is just 3 1/2 years old, after all.

And this morning was one of those times. She got about an hour less of sleep than usual, so it’s understandable that she was tired and grumpy as we were trying to rush her off to school. She gave us a glimpse this morning of what is likely to come during her pre-teen years as she was hysterically crying and shouting, “I’m just going to be sad forever… I’m never going to eat breakfast again… I’m just going to cry forever… I can’t do anything… I just want to be alone forever…”

And, as her mother, I think I went through about 100 emotions during this 15-minute meltdown. From confusion about what was going on (it was a far cry from our regular “morning parties”), to anger over having communicate with such nonsense, to laughter at the high drama that was happening before 7:30am, to panic of what the next 12 hours might bring (as she usually doesn’t nap well at school, so there’s a good chance she’ll come home even more tired and grumpy).

Or maybe this was all her way of reminding us just how good we normally have it with such a polite, caring, mature toddler!

Sunday dinner

This is what Sunday dinner with grandparents looks like in the 21st Century.



“Mommy, when I grow up, I want to be a mommy just like you,” Delaney told me as we sat around her little table on this rainy morning eating our homemade banana pancakes.

“You do? Why is that?” I asked (boasted). I assumed that it was because she saw how much I love being a mommy… because she thought that I was doing a good job as her mommy… because she thinks that mommies rock.

“So I can wear all of your clothes!”


Morning party



“Mom, why is your hair wet sometimes when we have morning parties?”

Well, that’s because I go for tough runs some mornings, and I make sure that they end by 6:50 so I can be home before you wake up. Once I get back home, I rush upstairs to get back in bed (typically still in my running clothes with sweaty hair) before you start coming to. Then within minutes, I hear you running across the hall to come get in bed with me for our famous morning parties. Which are just awesome. And totally worth rushing home for. We giggle and say silly things and sing our morning song and “talk about our day.” (For a kid who’s always up for anything, you sure like to know what the day’s anythings might be by 7:30am!) And you have no idea that at this point I’ve already been up for hours.

There is no wrong side of the bed on which to get up when mornings start like this.

Uh oh…

Dreaded words to hear shouted as dinner guests are walking up the front steps and about to ring the doorbell:

“Daddy, help, I just got poop everywhere!!”

Thanks, kid

Delaney: I’m going to be Elvis, and Kaden is going to be a dragon for Halloween. Mom, what are you going to dress as tonight?

Me (making a joke because I don’t have a costume): I’m going to dress as a tired mama who was so busy getting everyone else ready that she didn’t have time to get herself dressed up.

Delaney: But moooommmm, you dress like that every day!

How do you like them apples?

Sweet girl saves some of her apples (which she loves) in her lunchbox for me each day because she knows I love them, too.


Our attentive little singer

I was just singing a Ray Charles song to Kaden while feeding him, primarily as a way to get him to smile big so I could shove the food in. I was belting out the lyrics in a loud and silly way.

Delaney looked at me in a very disappointed manner and then corrected me on the lyrics… to a song that I didn’t even realized she’d ever heard before.

That child misses nothing, especially when it comes to music.

Speaking of – a Carole King song came on Pandora the other day. I stopped to listen to it because I immediately recognized her voice but was surprised that it was a song that I didn’t know. Then Delaney started singing the words to the chorus. I asked her if she knew the song (not sure how she has any access to music outside of what we play her??), and she nonchalantly replied, “I don’t know. I probably just heard it at a restaurant.”

Sure, because all three year olds remember all the words to unknown songs that are played in the background at a restaurant.