Bluegrass hoedown with neighbors

I will never be able to say enough just how much we love our neighborhood and love Asheville!

It takes us forever to walk the 1/3 mile of our block because we stop and talk and play with our neighbors. Friday night, we spent a long time at the neighborhood park talking to another young couple that has a little boy and girl. Delaney loves playing with their daughter, Ava, as she’s just a little older than Delaney and about the same temperament (Delaney quickly becomes shy and nervous when she’s around super extraverted and loud kids). After we put Delaney down for the night and they put their kids to sleep, we met back up on their porch and talked for a couple hours. Even though it’s hard for the parents in the neighborhood to get out often, as we all have young kids (and the financial strains that come with young kids!), it still feels like we have Friday and Saturday nights out! We all porch hop at night, sitting out with friends, drinking beer, relaxing in the cool mountain air, and enjoying each other’s company. And the homes are close enough to each other that most of the baby monitors still work even when down the road.

Then on Saturday, we met back up with Ava and family at Shindig on the Green, free Saturday night bluegrass concerts in the downtown square. (We also ran into a coworker and her son, who hung out with us for a while. Love living in a small town!) Ava and Delaney had a blast dancing, which mostly consisted of jumping, twirling, and somersaults. Delaney followed everything that Ava did – she was constantly about .5 seconds behind Ava and didn’t miss a beat. It was so cute to watch. Even the families around us were cracking up at how Delaney was Ava’s shadow.

It was such a fun evening. It was in the low 70s outside, and the park was packed with nice families enjoying the Asheville lifestyle. After so much dancing, it was tough to keep Delaney awake on the ride home (plus, the inevitable sugar crash after the ice cream didn’t help).




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Barn house


The lights and skyscrapers and energy of the big city used to be so very exciting. But I wouldn’t trade the rolling hills and lightening bugs and tranquility that surrounds us now for anything. Just stumbled upon this barn/house not too far from our house. Love the Asheville lifestyle!IMG_2653

Camping in Asheville


We didn’t go too far for our next camping adventure – all the way to East Asheville! We could only get away for one night, and we wanted to make the most of our time. So we didn’t drive too far, just to the local KOA. We hadn’t been there before, but it was a blast! A redneck’s paradise. It was packed with all kinds of campers, from cabins and massive RVs to tent camping and others like us who prefer a more primitive area. And there was a pool, a lake, and much more onsite that kept us plenty entertained.

Delaney had a blast. She’s naturally such a dainty little girl who hates to get dirty, so camping is just the right fix. I’ve always loved camping – from growing up camping in a popup with my family to tent camping with Matt – but camping with a child is an entirely different experience. She makes us stop and look at everything, which we wouldn’t otherwise do if it were just us. We really notice the beautiful nature that surrounds us with Delaney.

Of all that we do when camping, I think the most exciting to Delaney is getting to sleep in the van. We sleep together on the bottom bed, and Matt sleeps up top. And she woke me up a few times during the night caressing my face and whispering, “Laney sleeping with Mommy!”

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We headed to “Splashville” downtown tonight to cool off! Delaney was hesitant to stand near the geisersĀ at first, but she quickly got the hang of it and LOVED it!

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The Wedge

On Fridays, Matt and I try to sneak out of work a little early to meet for a beer (or two) and peanuts at The Wedge, one of our favorite local spots. It’s a super casual little spot on the river, where there is always a mix of folks with kids and dogs. A fun moment to relax after a long work week!
IMG_1752 IMG_1753

And The Wedge is right next to Delaney’s daycare, so we can pop over together to pick her up for dinner and officially begin the weekend!

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Afternoon at the park

We had a great afternoon at Jones Park in North Asheville. Delaney made some new friends, Mya and Aiden, who had fun pushing her on the swing and playing ball with her. They even shared their goldfish snack, which is the fastest way to Delaney’s heart!













Christmas parade

There was so much anticipation for the downtown Christmas parade! We were so excited, but just as the parade started by, Delaney passed out and missed the entire thing!

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