Uh oh…

Dreaded words to hear shouted as dinner guests are walking up the front steps and about to ring the doorbell:

“Daddy, help, I just got poop everywhere!!”

Our attentive little singer

I was just singing a Ray Charles song to Kaden while feeding him, primarily as a way to get him to smile big so I could shove the food in. I was belting out the lyrics in a loud and silly way.

Delaney looked at me in a very disappointed manner and then corrected me on the lyrics… to a song that I didn’t even realized she’d ever heard before.

That child misses nothing, especially when it comes to music.

Speaking of – a Carole King song came on Pandora the other day. I stopped to listen to it because I immediately recognized her voice but was surprised that it was a song that I didn’t know. Then Delaney started singing the words to the chorus. I asked her if she knew the song (not sure how she has any access to music outside of what we play her??), and she nonchalantly replied, “I don’t know. I probably just heard it at a restaurant.”

Sure, because all three year olds remember all the words to unknown songs that are played in the background at a restaurant.

Cooking safety

I love that Delaney loves to cook with me. I love that Delaney is learning about food safety. I love that she is quick to tell me when we need to wash our hands after touching raw meat or eggs.

However, I’m not sure how I feel about Delaney telling the produce manager at Earth Fare this morning that he was in trouble for not immediately washing his hands after packaging our ground beef (he was wearing gloves).

* On a related note, we’ve grilled out hamburgers a few times a week throughout the summer. So delicious. And Delaney is a huge helper – helping me to measure out seasonings, mix up the meat, make the patties, etc. And every time we do it, she’s quick to say, “Mommy, we need to wash our hands because we touched raw meat.” Out of the blue the other day, she said, “Mommy, I sure love eating raw meat!” I questioned her, saying that we always cook our meat before eating it. She responded, “No, Mommy, my favorite meat is that raw meat we mix up.” It never occurred to me that because I call it “raw meat” as we prepare it, she just assumed it was the actual name for what we were eating. I sure hope she hasn’t told her teachers that we make her eat raw meat…

Work distractions

I have the cutest little work distraction…

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Dr. Delaney

I’ve wanted to write about how much Delaney loves playing doctor, but I’ve hesitated on even beginning the post because I know how many anecdotes should be included to truly paint the picture of just how much she loves playing doctor – like when she told numerous strangers in the hospital that she was a doctor and then shamed my L&D nurses for only being nurses… or that she wears her stethoscope around her neck all day every day (and even takes it with her when we go out of town)… or when she told me that when we’re sad we should think of happy thoughts, and she replied when I asked her, “What’s your happy thought?” with “My stethoscope!”… or that she constantly makes us draw stethoscopes for her… or that even the neighborhood kids know that they can’t play rough with her doctor coat because it’s her most special toy (aside from Little Murphy, which isn’t actually even a toy in her eyes)… or when we told her that Bonnie and Granddaddy had already brought some furniture over to their new house she asked, “Do they have a doctor’s kit there?”… or when at the WNC Nature Center and Matt pointed out the big sleeping cougars just a few feet from them, she paused and said, “Let’s look at that doctor’s stethoscope,” pointing to the veterinarian on a nearby TV who was talking about the cougars…

But she cracked us up today when hanging out with some friends’ older kids. They were joking around on the front porch, and she wanted so badly to be a part of their conversation. So she kept interjecting, “So, let’s talk about my stethoscope…” and “So let’s talk about my doctor kit…” And they gave her the blank stares you might expect she’d receive when tweets are interrupted by toddlers who can only talk about being a doctor.


Delaney: Mommy, this game is called “Feet.” (as she jumped from yoga mat to yoga mat)

Me: Oh really? Did you make it up?

Delaney: No, the man did.

Me: What man?

Delaney: The pretend man made up the game.

Me: So the pretend man that you made up is the one who made up the game? Not you?

Delaney: Yes.

Sweet D

Today while Delaney was eating lunch, she said, “Mommy, you mean the world to me. You make my heart feel good.”

Right back at ya, kiddo.


If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart.


Dirt = mulch

This weekend, I told her that we were going to get ice cream, and Matt joked with her and said that we were really going to eat dirt (it was a typical corny dad joke). So then she said, “I don’t want to eat mulch!!”

Matt and I looked at each other because we’ve never mentioned the word “mulch” to her. He asked where she had heard that word, and she told him “Mulch is like dirt, dad. It’s what is at the playground.”

No telling when she heard it or who said it, but that girl does not miss a thing.

Baby love

Now that we’re zeroing in on the delivery, I’m getting MUCH bigger, and we (finally) have a name – Kaden Bryce – it’s all becoming much more real. Not only for me and Matt, but also for Delaney.

She talks about Kaden all of the time – what she’ll need to teach him (how to play with trains, how to twirl), how he’ll be so excited to wear her ballerina dresses (Matt is excited for this one), and how she’ll sing for him when he cries. She is going to be such a great big sister!

But now – out of the blue – she keeps pulling up my shirt and talking to him. Yesterday morning, she came and got into bed with me and kissed my bare belly, saying “Good morning, baby Kaden!” After lunch today, she kissed my stomach and said, “Did you eat enough, Kaden Wice?” (She insists that his name is Kaden “Rice,” but it comes out as Kaden “Wice” in her toddler words.)