Mean time 

I just said to Delaney, “We can just do this in the meantime today.” 

She responded, “We’re going to have mean time today? Why?”


Delaney just said, “Mommmmmmyyy, every time I go to use the bathroom, Kaden comes in here to see what in doing. I never get to use the bathroom by myself any more!” I’m a mom, I have no idea how that must feel…yeah right. 


“If I can’t have any of the green beans [Kaden’s green bean purée, which I know she won’t like], then Christmas will just be ruined forever!” said my overly tired and dramatic daughter who clearly stayed up too late last night.

I now understand the term “threenager.”

Happy Thanksgiving from the Andrews!

family pic - edited

Sibling love

I love that she loves him so much. I just don’t always love how much she loves him sometimes!

They love to cuddle and make each other laugh, but then Delaney usually takes it a step too far and becomes overwhelming, and he shoots me a look as if to say, “Stay nearby, Mom, I may need you to rescue me from her embrace in a second, okay?”

His panicked face when she gets too close cracks me up. Here are a some pics from the last few weeks.









Sunday dinner

This is what Sunday dinner with grandparents looks like in the 21st Century.


Thanks, kid

Delaney: I’m going to be Elvis, and Kaden is going to be a dragon for Halloween. Mom, what are you going to dress as tonight?

Me (making a joke because I don’t have a costume): I’m going to dress as a tired mama who was so busy getting everyone else ready that she didn’t have time to get herself dressed up.

Delaney: But moooommmm, you dress like that every day!

How do you like them apples?

Sweet girl saves some of her apples (which she loves) in her lunchbox for me each day because she knows I love them, too.



2014 Bedhead Champion of the World


Solid foods

Day one of eating rice cereal on his new schedule means day one of Mommy wearing rice cereal!