Sibling love


I love that she loves him so much. I just don't always love how much she loves him sometimes! They love to cuddle and make each other laugh, but then Delaney usually takes it a step too far and becomes overwhelming, and he shoots me a look as if to … [Continue reading]

Age is just a number

We were just talking about how old everyone is, and Matt told Delaney that Great Daddy is 87 years old. "Whaaaaatttt??" she asked shockingly. "I thought he was 12!" … [Continue reading]

Snowy morning


This serene scene looks majestic - Delaney quietly enjoying a breakfast overlooking the fresh snow that sparkles under the rising sun. However, the still photo fails to communicate the total meltdown that preceded this serene scene. Ninety-nine … [Continue reading]

Sunday dinner


This is what Sunday dinner with grandparents looks like in the 21st Century. … [Continue reading]


"Mommy, when I grow up, I want to be a mommy just like you," Delaney told me as we sat around her little table on this rainy morning eating our homemade banana pancakes. "You do? Why is that?" I asked (boasted). I assumed that it was because she … [Continue reading]

Morning party


  "Mom, why is your hair wet sometimes when we have morning parties?" Well, that's because I go for tough runs some mornings, and I make sure that they end by 6:50 so I can be home before you wake up. Once I get back home, I rush upstairs … [Continue reading]

Uh oh…

Dreaded words to hear shouted as dinner guests are walking up the front steps and about to ring the doorbell: "Daddy, help, I just got poop everywhere!!" … [Continue reading]

Thanks, kid

Delaney: I'm going to be Elvis, and Kaden is going to be a dragon for Halloween. Mom, what are you going to dress as tonight? Me (making a joke because I don't have a costume): I'm going to dress as a tired mama who was so busy getting everyone else … [Continue reading]

How do you like them apples?


Sweet girl saves some of her apples (which she loves) in her lunchbox for me each day because she knows I love them, too. … [Continue reading]

Our attentive little singer

I was just singing a Ray Charles song to Kaden while feeding him, primarily as a way to get him to smile big so I could shove the food in. I was belting out the lyrics in a loud and silly way. Delaney looked at me in a very disappointed manner and … [Continue reading]