2014 Bedhead Champion of the World … [Continue reading]

Cooking safety

I love that Delaney loves to cook with me. I love that Delaney is learning about food safety. I love that she is quick to tell me when we need to wash our hands after touching raw meat or eggs. However, I'm not sure how I feel about Delaney … [Continue reading]

Solid foods


Day one of eating rice cereal on his new schedule means day one of Mommy wearing rice cereal! … [Continue reading]


"Mommy, can I play the drums on Kaden, or no?" is not a question I like to hear yelled at me when I'm in the bathroom. … [Continue reading]



Today pretty much rocks. I got up early to go running with a friend, got home just as the kids were waking up, played with them all morning, spent time painting (and was quickly joined by two of my loves, who also wanted to get a little artsy), went … [Continue reading]

Work distractions

Photo on 2014-09-24 at 09.06

I have the cutest little work distraction... … [Continue reading]



This pretty much sums up their relationship right now. She tries to entertain him by being loud and crazy. He's equally amused, overwhelmed, and scared for his own safety. … [Continue reading]

Slumber party

"Mommy, can we hold hands all night?" Delaney asked me as we got into bed at Bonnie and Sandy's house. "Because this is a super duper treat to get to sleep together. And I just love you so much, Mommy, but I can't kiss you when we're sleeping! So … [Continue reading]



Just walked out to this view, which made me giggle. All of the men on the block are grilling out and chatting from porch to porch. And I'm sure most of the moms are inside bathing kiddos, as I am. … [Continue reading]

Dr. Delaney

I've wanted to write about how much Delaney loves playing doctor, but I've hesitated on even beginning the post because I know how many anecdotes should be included to truly paint the picture of just how much she loves playing doctor - like when she … [Continue reading]