#365grateful 1/9/14


I’m grateful that Matt could probably have a second career as an illustrator, because I can’t draw anything…as Delaney reminds me daily. “Mama, draw a picture of a dog driving a car in front of a house with a slide…Mama that doesn’t look like a dog!” (It’s amazing just how critical a little girl – who can barely hold a pencil herself – can be of others’ drawings!).#365grateful

#365grateful 1/8/14

#365grateful 1.8.14

I am grateful that God doesn’t just simply take requests. Because about a decade ago, I’m sure I said many prayers about wanting to dedicate my life to my rapidly growing career, and I didn’t want anything (or anyone) to get in my way. But over time, I found that jet setting, ladder climbing, and high heel wearing wasn’t all that fulfilling. And now there’s no place I’d rather be on a Wednesday morning than at the library with this sweet little one. I never would’ve guessed. #365grateful

#365grateful 1/7/14

#365grateful 1.7.14I’m grateful that I’ve come to accept the fact that I’m a big nerd who loves to organize. I’m just giddy about my new planner, which took me entirely too many hours to design so it can perfectly chart out each day by the hour, list chores and priorities, include birthdays and other reminders, and have a new quote to add inspiration to each day. And I have zero excuses to forget anything this year now that I’ve publicly mentioned my customized planner.#365grateful

#365grateful 1/6/14

#365grateful 1.6.14

I’m grateful to be a Seminole!! #365grateful

#365grateful 1/5/14

#365grateful 1.5.14

I’m grateful that Matt and I make a great team to parent Delaney. I make sure that the fridge is stocked with organic, balanced foods that will nourish her body and teach her about nutrition; Matt makes sure that we present the foods in the most fun way possible for a silly toddler. Exhibit A: I set out her spelt sweet potato pancakes and fruit for breakfast, and he arranged it as a big smiley face to surprise us both. #365grateful

#365grateful 1/4/14

#365grateful 1.4.14

I am very grateful that we landed in a neighborhood full of young families with little girls, perfect for Saturday night family double dates. #365grateful

#365grateful 1/3/14

#365grateful 1.3.14

I am grateful to get to spend a somewhat unexpected snow day with friends from Florida. No one appreciates a 1″ accumulation like Floridians! On a related note, both kids (mine included) looked out the window this morning and commented on all of the sand on the ground (they’ve seen way, way more beach sand than snow during their lives). #365grateful

#365grateful 1/2/14

#365grateful 1.2.14

I am grateful that I also get to see and experience life through these big, curious, loving eyes! #365grateful

#365grateful – an exercise in gratitude

I planned to begin a gratitude journal on January 1, 2014, something I actually intended to do in 2013 but never go around to it. In my studies about alternative medicine and natural healing, I’ve been amazed about how much I read about how the art of reflection and giving thanks positively impacts psychological and physical health. It makes sense, really, as it’s so easy to get caught up in the small annoyances and grievances throughout a day and let them overpower the many small – yet beautiful – moments. It takes a conscious effort for many to pause and reflect on the moments from a day for which we’re thankful.

So I thought that by keeping a journal specifically dedicated to listing these moments each day, I would make myself think about them. And what a powerful journal it would become after the year, as I could look back at all of the small miracles that happened and would’ve otherwise been forgotten.

I was so excited to stumble upon this article on January 1st. Because I am an avid user of Instagram, I was immediately empowered to begin my own visual gratitude journal in the form of a #365grateful project. And I hope that this becomes something that I continue beyond 2014… maybe I’ll be able to create a book each year with all of the photos and memories?!?

“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.” 

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

#365grateful 1/1/14

#365grateful 1.1.14

So very grateful to once again ring in the new year with the Sorg family – catching up with one of my best friends of 20 years, watching our kiddos have fun together (they’re destined for marriage, for sure), and celebrating the lessons we learned in 2013 and the exciting experiences that are sure to come in 2014.#365grateful